Riverworks Week: A Huge Success!

The week kicked off with a great celebration on the Beerline Trail. Guests were transported from their parking spot by pedi-cabs provided by Cream City Rickshaws. The party location showed off one of the district’s charrette sites and made for a beautiful night in the city. Rickshaw tours of the Beerline Trail Extension were also […]


Healthy Neighborhoods

It has been an active and fun time in the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods! This last August, four street murals were created through collaborations between local artist Marina Lee of Beginning Dreams Forever and residents of Harambee and Riverwest. Two design sessions were held on the Beerline Trail that connects these neighborhoods, with neighbors coming […]


North Holton Street Landscape Is Changing

The Arch-roof top groceries store buildings were scattered throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Today, many of these formerly Kohl’s food store buildings with their distinctive and aesthetically design have been able to be repurposed for other uses; however, the North Holton Street Kohl’s food store building that was built in 1958 was not able to […]


Riverworks and the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative

We are very pleased to announce that our focus geography north of Burleigh Street in both the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods is now officially part of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, with Riverworks Development Corporation serving as the lead agency.  We are one of two new Healthy Neighborhoods announced in 2015 along with […]


Riverworks Financial Opportunity Center VITA Site Tax Preparation

During the months of January, February and March Riverworks’ Financial Opportunity Center staff (FOC) and seven (7) dedicated IRS-Certified Volunteers focused their efforts on providing tax preparation services to low to moderate income individuals living in the Milwaukee area through the IRS VITA Site Program led by Coretta Herring and Constance Alberts both with ACTS […]


Message from the Executive Director, Darryl Johnson

We wish a hearty farewell to a friend, community advocator and a great Riverworks supporter Leo Ries. On April 30, 2015 Leo stepped down as the Program Director of the Milwaukee LISC office after 15 years in that position. Over those 15 years, under the direction of Leo, LISC has accomplished much by bringing together […]


Bridney Chappel, Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator

Bridney Chappel, the Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator for Riverworks Development Corporation by way of the Kresge Foundation, is excited to be on board with the Beerline Trail Development Project and a new member of the Riverworks Development Corporation staff. Bridney has been with RDC since March 2015 and during her short time here, […]


Strategic Actioning Session Recap

Riverworks Development Corporation is collaborating with the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Harambee Great Neighborhoods Initiative, MKELAX, the city of Milwaukee, and arts and cultural leaders on a creative placemaking project involving the Beerline Recreational Trail. The trail traverses the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods and connects to the Milwaukee River. This project is supported by the Kresge […]


2015 RDC Biennial Meeting

Join Thelma Sias in Celebration of Riverworks! Hard to believe it’s been two years since we last got together to share our Riverworks’ stories, but here we are again, ready to gather and report to our many partners, and stakeholders. The Riverworks Development Corporation, (RDC), accomplished much since the last time we all got together […]


Travis Evans, Director of Workforce Partnerships

Travis Evans is the new Director of Workforce Partnerships at Riverworks Development Corporation. Travis has been with RDC since August 2014 and during his short time here, has created and strengthened partnerships with area companies, educational organizations and training centers to provide resources to the client base at Riverworks. Travis also manages Riverworks Financial Opportunity […]