Message from the Executive Director, Darryl Johnson

The past year was amazing for Riverworks Development Corporation so many positive things happened and new partnerships were formed that flourished in a big way. We actively worked to improve the physical conditions, reduce crime, remove blighted properties, support area businesses and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the area. As a result of our hard work, local and national foundations took notice and rewarded us for our achievements and our dedication to improve the community we serve.

We created unique opportunities to engage residents and businesses to get them involved to improve the physical conditions of the area. Let’s continue to build on what we achieved in 2014 and develop new creative ways to increase the impact we had into 2015, such as:

  • Use art and culture in a constructive way to increase the community/economic development activities for the area.
  • Complete the extension of the Beerline Recreational Trail from Riverworks Business Improvement District 36 into Riverworks Business Improvement District 25.
  • Complete the merger of the two Riverworks Business Improvement Districts (BID) into one BID district.
  • Continue to leverage additional resources to help the businesses and residents in the area.
  • Work with Milwaukee Police Department, residents and businesses to decrease crime and develop short and long term strategies for community policing in the area.
  • Complete the Riverworks City Center project on the corner of Holton Street and Concordia Avenue
  • Use Holton Street not as a divider between neighborhoods but as a gathering place to develop ideas, create relationships, start businesses and unite communities around valuable assets which each of these communities have already existing.

For 2015, it looks prosperous for Riverworks Development Corporation to continue to expand its work in the Harambee and Riverwest Communities and the Riverworks Business Improvement Districts. We will continue to build off our current achievements as well as to replicate those things that unite and grow the communities we serve.

Darryl Johnson