Travis Evans, Director of Workforce Partnerships

Travis Evans is the new Director of Workforce Partnerships at Riverworks Development Corporation. Travis has been with RDC since August 2014 and during his short time here, has created and strengthened partnerships with area companies, educational organizations and training centers to provide resources to the client base at Riverworks.

Travis also manages Riverworks Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). Riverworks FOC is a workforce development and personal financial services center providing educational and coaching to people who want to progress financially. Through the FOC, they provide three core services: financial education, workforce development and access to public benefits to unemployed or underemployed residents striving to lift themselves out of poverty.

Prior to his position with Riverworks, Travis worked for the Milwaukee Urban League as an Employment Specialist/CDBG Coordinator. During his time at the Milwaukee Urban League, Travis assisted CDBG eligible clients in obtaining employment through comprehensive case management services. He monitored and evaluated program outcomes for City funded employment initiatives and created a focused employer recruitment plan to further community based initiatives including CDBG funded economic development programs. Prior to his work at the Milwaukee Urban League, Travis worked for North Avenue Community Development Corporation as the Main Street Manager. He also worked for US Bank for 18 years in various positions most notably as Community Development Manager for Metropolitan Wisconsin and Chicago. Travis brings over 20 years of broad based management and advisory experience combining administrative, sales and marketing expertise to Riverworks Development Corporation.

Travis believes that strong workforce partnerships will lead to solid employee-jobs matching, and that stable jobs and finances will improve the quality of life for Milwaukee residents. For more information regarding Workforce Partnerships and/or Riverworks’ Financial Opportunity Center, please give Travis a call at 414-906-9650 x102 or email him at