Bridney Chappel, Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator

Bridney Chappel, the Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator for Riverworks Development Corporation by way of the Kresge Foundation, is excited to be on board with the Beerline Trail Development Project and a new member of the Riverworks Development Corporation staff. Bridney has been with RDC since March 2015 and during her short time here, has created and implemented opportunities to engage residents in addition to manage and coordinate community events and activities with local artist and residents of Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods. Bridney is excited to be working under the Beerline Development Project to help foster their creative placemaking theories to integrate arts and culture in revitalization work in the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods. Through the Healthy Neighborhood Art Initiative grant by way of the Mary Nohl Fund, Bridney Chappel in collaboration with Tyanna Buie will be bringing the “Streetlights” project to the Beerline Trail located on Holton and Townsend. This public art piece will serve as a catalyst for more redevelopment projects on the Beerline Trail in the future. “Streetlights” will be installed by late August and be a part of open doors with Historic Milwaukee this year! The unveiling and culminating event will be September 18th 2015 in conjunction with Riverworks Week including a huge resources fair, live dj’s, poetry/ open mic sessions, good food and more! Bridney intends to reenergize the community with arts and cultural projects that will contribute to the positive and enduring economic, physical, social, and cultural change. 

Prior to this position with Riverworks, Bridney has spent 6 years working in various non profits. She was most recently employed at The Women’s Center in Waukesha, as the Community Education Specialist. Her duties involved educating communities to maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships improve socioeconomic lifestyles as well as recognize warning signs of domestic violence. Her expertise was primarily programming, creating fun and innovative ways to engage students around a sensitive topic. As a Case Manager for Center for Quality Community Life, Bridney worked with low income mothers to connect them with resources within Milwaukee enabling them to attain a better socioeconomic lifestyle.  She accepted this position because of the emphasis on helping families and bringing awareness to social issues that affect our communities every day.

Bridney is currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee pursuing a degree in their Cultural Foundations of Education Masters Program with a focus of Race Relations. Her Community Education and Engagement undergraduate degree has enabled her to grow and recognize her talents and gifts with working with culturally-diverse communities and diverse socio-economic communities.

Bridney, a creative 25 years old, is passionate about her community, her neighborhood, and career. She strives to improve the quality of life for Milwaukee residents. If you’re interested in contributing or knowing more about the rising Arts and Culture movement in Harambee and Riverwest contact Bridney Chappel, Community Arts and Culture Engagement Coordinator at 414-906-9650 x113 or email her at