Riverworks and the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative

We are very pleased to announce that our focus geography north of Burleigh Street in both the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods is now officially part of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, with Riverworks Development Corporation serving as the lead agency.  We are one of two new Healthy Neighborhoods announced in 2015 along with the Kinickinnic River Neighborhoods (with the Sixteenth Street Community Center as the lead agency), one of eight in Milwaukee and nine total overall that the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) supports.  The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative is a public-private partnership between the GMF and the City of Milwaukee that uses a collaborative approach to promote neighborhood confidence by engaging neighbors in building pride and strengthening local real estate markets.  It provides lead agencies and partners with a set of techniques and strategies to promote a positive image, stabilize the real estate market, improve physical conditions, and strengthen social connections among neighbors.

The initiative is driven by the Foundation’s theory of change related to how neighborhoods improve:

  • Neighbors make decisions to invest in their homes and engage with their neighbors.
  • The neighborhood image attracts people and reinforces pride of place.
  • People choose to buy a home and stay in the neighborhood.
  • The real estate market supports other investments in the neighborhood.

Their vision of helping strengthen neighborhoods – places that people love and are proud of; places that people seek out as their community of choice and where they choose to remain – aligns with our own, and we feel this partnership has great potential to positively impact our focus geography over the next three years.  If you would like more information about our involvement with the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative, and how the resources this brings to our community might benefit you, please contact Amy Rohan at or 414-906-9650.