Riverworks Week: A Huge Success!

The week kicked off with a great celebration on the Beerline Trail. Guests were transported from their parking spot by pedi-cabs provided by Cream City Rickshaws. The party location showed off one of the district’s charrette sites and made for a beautiful night in the city. Rickshaw tours of the Beerline Trail Extension were also […]


Healthy Neighborhoods

It has been an active and fun time in the Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods! This last August, four street murals were created through collaborations between local artist Marina Lee of Beginning Dreams Forever and residents of Harambee and Riverwest. Two design sessions were held on the Beerline Trail that connects these neighborhoods, with neighbors coming […]


North Holton Street Landscape Is Changing

The Arch-roof top groceries store buildings were scattered throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Today, many of these formerly Kohl’s food store buildings with their distinctive and aesthetically design have been able to be repurposed for other uses; however, the North Holton Street Kohl’s food store building that was built in 1958 was not able to […]